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Knowledge Base: EN 54 Standard

EN 54
The EN 54 Fire detection and fire alarm systems is a mandatory standard that specifies requirements and laboratory test for every component of fire detection and fire alarm system and it allows the free movement of construction products between countries of the European Union market. It was developed and approved by European Committee for Standardization (CEN, French: Comité Européen de Normalisation). This standard is widely recognized around the world for several countries outside of European Union. It is recognized in Latin American countries, Brasil, African and Asian countries and several islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Mandatory Standard in the European Countries
According to the Construction Product Directive 89/106/CE, it is mandatory that Fire Detection and Fire Alarm equipments are certified under EN 54 Standard by an authorized Certification Body.

This is the only way to affix the CE mark on the product, which recognizes that this product fulfils all the European Union safety and performances requirements and allows free movement inside all European Union market.

Therefore, CE mark is the only legal condition for trade. Any other mark is voluntary and can not substituted the CE mark. This means that others marks must be based on EN 54 Standards having very restricted actuation field implementing minor requirements.

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has been adopted by the European Commission and replaces the Construction Products Directive (CPD). As a result of the change, CE mark will soon become mandatory in the European Union. Manufacturers and importers have until July 2013 to ensure that their construction products meet the CE requirements of the new Regulation. It is to ensure the free movement of all construction products within the European Union by harmonizing national laws with respect to the essential requirements applicable to construction products in terms of health and safety. The main goal is to ensure that construction products are only introduced to the European market if they are fit for their intended use.

Technical Committee CEN/TC72 Fire Detection And Fire Alarm System
The European technical committee (CEN/TC 72 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System) has been working to meet essential requirements of safety in case of fire. The standard requirements and test methods for fire alarm products has been deleloped to meet the minimum requirements and testing of fire alarm products that will provide a means of ensuring acceptable safety level, which will be the major benefit to all European countries and which will contribute in the reduction of cost related to fires.

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EN 54-24 Loudspeakers and more new products from CES Audio

We are pleased to announce the newly certified (EN 54-24) loudspeakers as follows:

Furthermore, we have launched a few more products including the cost effective, IP67 high efficiency horn loudspeaker (MID-5061 & MID-5121) and the self-amplified, IP66 Active horn loudspeaker (PRH-820A2).

For complete EN 54-24 loudspeaker range and new products, please visit www.cesaudio.com.

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NEW! Marine Horn Loudspeakers

PRH Marine Loudspeakers

Introducing CES Audio’s new plastic horn loudspeakers for MARINE environment. Already used by various shipyards worldwide. The PRH marine horn loudspeaker is engineered to provide the highest performance under both marine and industrial applications.

Features include –
*ASTM salt spray 500 hours tested.
*ASTM UV resistance 600 hours tested.
*Water protected to IEC529 IP66.
*Built-in line transformer with screwdriver adjustable power selector (sealed).
*Two cable entries to enable loop in loop out installation.
*Equipped with rust-proof V4A exterior hardware.

PDF download.

Please send your inquiry to marketing (a) cesaudio.com.

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NEW! Music Horn Loudspeaker (Compliant to BS5839 Part 8)

Introducing CES Audio’s new voice alarm version of music horn loudspeaker – MUH-6300VA. Featuring the best frequency response among the music horns on the market!

The new music horn is engineered to provide the highest quality voice and music reproduction for both indoor and outdoor applications where long throw, large area coverage is desired in harsh environments. Ideal for applications such as sports stadiums, cruise liners, school yards, municipal swimming pools, high ambient industrial areas and leisure / theme parks.

PDF download.

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NEW! Metal Ceiling Loudspeaker (CLM-6061VAF)

Metal Ceiling Voice Alarm Loudspeaker

The newly designed low cost metal ceiling loudspeaker (CLM-6061VAF) is now BS5839 part 8 ready with the EASY SNAP-ON fire dome design! Ideal for SHALLOW CEILING voids. A great alternative for the price conscious market.

PDF Download >>

Please send your inquiry to marketing (a) cesaudio.com.

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